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How can our church participate in Associational Children's Camp?

Updated: May 8

Registering & Preparing for Camp

  1. Pick a session of ACC, then secure a cabin through the Falls Creek cabins website for the appropriate dates. ACC camps are for students having completed 3rd-6th grade.

    1. 2024's sessions are:

      1. Session 1: May 26 - 29

      2. Session 2: May 29 - June 1

  2. Once you have a cabin secured during the correct dates, register your church for that session on the registration app (link will be posted here once registration is live!) ; follow the prompts.

    1. Part of the registration will require you to create an account in our camp management app. This will enable you to log in and see all campers and sponsors that have registered with your church using the online forms, so save this website so you can come back to it!

    2. Once you've registered your church for the session, you'll be able to copy a special code to allow sponsors and students to register into your church's "delegation" for the session you've registered your church for.

  3. Collect camp fees for all registered students & sponsors. The 2024 camp fee is  $55.00 for each person in your cabin (including all campers, cooks, & sponsors) for Oklahoman SBC churches, or $70.00 per person for out of state SBC Churches.

    1. Fees for camp should be paid directly to your church by campers / sponsors, and then your church will make one payment for the entire delegation upon check-in to camp. PLEASE NOTE: we only accept fee payment in the form of cash or check; no credit cards or other form of digital payments are accepted. Checks must be made out to ACC, not Falls Creek!

  4. Get background checks for ALL adult sponsors (campers of any kind over 18 years of age). This is required; click here for more info on the background check requirement.

    1. You will need to have the background checks printed for each sponsor registered with your church when you check into camp.

  5. Make sure to review all of the Camp information and share pertinent details with your sponsors and campers/parents; this includes details about our camp policies, recreation schedule and options, as well as First Aid / Insurance info. To print off the information in any resource to save or share, scroll to the bottom of the article and then click the printer icon.

  6. Download the Cabin Bible Study Materials, and review these with your sponsors ahead of camp.

  7. Check out the Camp Arrival & Check In article to make sure you're prepared with everything you need to check in to camp.


If you have any additional questions regarding any aspect of Associational Children’s Camp or would like to offer input, please call or email either:


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