The MissionFest Experience

MissionFest is an exciting part of Associational Children’s Camp.  It is typically held on Tuesday and Friday afternoons at 1:30-3:30 p.m.  Missionaries and displays represent a variety of places, ministries, and ways that God is at work around the world.


How many kids are expected at MissionFest?  In 2018 we had around 800 at each session.

Do the participants just go through the area and ask questions about the countries and booths? When the children enter, they receive a “passport” which they get stamped as they move from booth to booth. Each missionary will engage them with information and stories for about 3-5 minutes then answer questions.


Who will we see at MissionFest? The “Missionaries” at MissionFest represent the diversity of mission opportunities.  The kids will meet vocational and volunteer missionaries who serve or have served around the world, across the nation, and even in Oklahoma!

Where will the booths be set up? MissionFest meets in the Mathena Event Center (MEC) where there is lots of room AND air conditioning!

What is the purpose of MissionFest? Mission engagement. We want the children to recognize that missions is more than they imagined. It is in their neighborhood and around the world. It is an action word (not just a special offering the church receives a couple of times a year). And it is about lives being changed. Adults also enjoy MissionFest. They may have a sense of calling to a place or to a ministry through MissionFest. And they may carry the discussion about the MissionFest Experience back to their dorms and even back to their churches.