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Camp Policies & Guidelines

Updated: Mar 11

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The Falls Creek dress code is designed to provide an equitable dress code for all campers, encouraging modesty above legalism. Parents and church leaders are urged to see that only clothing which meets the policies and regulations of the conference center (below) is brought to Falls Creek:

Since Falls Creek is a Christian camp with a distinctly Christian atmosphere, the New Testament principle of modesty should always be the standard for dress at Falls Creek. It is the responsibility of the sponsors from each church to model the standard of modesty and enforce the camp dress code.

While on Falls Creek grounds campers may not wear apparel that exposes the midriff, is extremely tight fitting or has writing on the back of pants or shorts. Apparel may not display or promote tobacco, alcohol, controlled substances or inappropriate language or pictures. All shorts and dresses should be modest length. At Falls Creek, modest shorts are generally defined as shorts that have at least a five-inch inseam or longer and dresses and skirts should be four inches from the top of the knee or longer. Slits in dresses and skirts should also be modest in length. Straps for shirts/tops must have at least three inches across the shoulder. Shoes and shirts must be worn at all times outside cabins, except while swimming.

Courtesy Patrols

Courtesy Patrols will be on duty 24 hours a day. They are authorized and instructed to answer questions, assist campers and sponsors, and enforce all rules and policies of the camp. Any Courtesy Patrol, when called upon, will assist adult leadership in dealing with discipline problems.


Please feel free to use vehicles to transport children to far away locations but please drive very carefully. Also, please note that Falls Creek Regulations prohibit riding in the beds of pickups.


Mail addressed to Falls Creek should use the following form:

Name of Camper

Name of Church staying with

Name of Cabin staying in

Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center

Davis, OK 73030

Repairs/Cabin Questions

Each cabin is responsible for its own repairs. If renting from another church, be sure to notify them of all damages and repairs, unless other arrangements have been made. There are many repair services in Davis and Sulphur who will come to Falls Creek. The Falls Creek Office can help you locate these numbers.

First Aid Station

Click here to read the full First Aid Information document. Campers going to First Aid station must be accompanied by a sponsor.

Additional Guidelines

Rock throwing, water fighting, shave cream fighting, and use of tobacco are not allowed. Fireworks, scooters, bicycles and skateboards (except for those stored with the skate park) are prohibited.

Inclement Weather

The following plan is for Inclement Weather during summer camps.

  1. During times of potential inclement weather, the weather is monitored by the leadership staff of Falls Creek Baptist Conference Center via media outlets and computer. Communication is also maintained with local law enforcement and emergency management officials to monitor the weather.

  2. When inclement weather is approaching emergency sirens will be sounded to inform campers to return to their cabins. Falls Creek Courtesy staff will assist in communicating to the campers to return to the cabins and the individual groups in accounting for campers.

  3. In the event of severe weather, at the sound of one continuous siren, campers are to move immediately to the nearest cabin or building, get in the innermost room on the bottom floor, and wait until the “all-clear” signal is sounded. The “all-clear” signal will be when the siren repeatedly goes on, then off. Falls Creek Courtesy staff will assist campers in returning to their group and the individual groups in accounting for their campers.


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