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Registering your church for a camp session online

IMPORTANT: This process should be completed on a computer, not a phone.

Registering your church for camp:

Before we get started, let's confirm that you are set as an admin for your church. After logging in at, on the green bar on the left of the screen, do you see Churches and Camps as options, or just Campers?

  • If you see the Churches option, click over and view your church listed. You're ready to move to step 1!

  • If you only see Campers, this means your account does not yet have the right permissions, so you have an extra step. Click the icon with your initials at the top right then click My Settings. On the settings page, you will see a blue button, Request Church Admin Access.

Click this and then complete the prompts to send a request to ACC staff. They will verify that you are a representative of that church, then give you the appropriate permission. You will receive a notification by email when your permissions have been upgraded. Once that's done, you can register your church with the steps outlined below.


STEP 1: Register a Lead Sponsor for your church.

Go to the Campers page and click Register New Camper to complete the form to register your lead sponsor.

The Lead Sponsor is typically the youth leader, or whomever is in charge of the church group coming to camp (often, it's you!). The lead sponsor must be over 18, as indicated by the date of birth.

Important Note: if your church sends a group to both sessions and there is a different lead sponsor for each session, go ahead register both lead sponsors now. You'll assign them to the appropriate session in the next step.

STEP 2: Register your church up for a session of camp!

Go to the Camps page and select the session which your group will be attending from the dropdown. (If your church is sending a group to both sessions, follow these steps through for one session, then go back and complete the same steps for the other session.)

Next, click the orange button to the top right of the page that says Register for Session. You will then be prompted to select your Lead Sponsor and the Cabin in which you’ll be staying for that session. These fields are searchable fields, so start typing in the box to view and select from the options.

  • For Lead Sponsor, you can search by name

  • For Cabin, you can search by name or number of the cabin

STEP 3: Help sponsors & campers to register

Now that you’ve gotten your group signed up for a camp session, you can let your sponsors & parents of campers know how to get registered for camp! We've designed a flyer for you to make this easy, which you can download and print, it just needs to have your church's Join Code written in.

register online flyer
Download PDF • 141KB

You will need to find your Join Code and add it to the flyer so sponsors & parents are added to your church when they create their account. To find your Church's Join Code:

  • Go to the Churches page and click on your church. A drawer will open from the right and you should see a field like this:

  • Feel free to customize your Join Code if you would like to make it easier to remember and type; you can edit & save it there! Your customized join code can be up to 8 characters long and must include only numbers and letters (no spaces or special characters).

The flyer will direct parents to visit and sign up for an account, where they'll put in the join code along with their personal information. Once they've finished creating their account, they'll be able to register multiple campers, including registering themselves as a sponsor if they are participating in that way.

If you will be the one putting in all of your sponsor & camper information for the whole church, you'll follow the same steps to register each camper and sponsor as you did to set up your Lead Sponsor. We determine who are campers and who are sponsors based on who is over 18.

2024 is our first year to roll out online registration, so we appreciate your patience while we are all learning and in transition.

If you are logged in but having difficulties, please click on the orange question mark button in the bottom left at and let the team know what you're experiencing so we can help!


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