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Campers & Sponsors: How to register for camp online

This year, ACC is excited to offer secure online camp registration for churches, campers, and sponsors! Click here to register online.

Here is a step-by-step guide to registering yourself as a sponsor, or your children as campers:

Please note, this should be completed on a computer, not on a phone.

STEP 1: Create your account

Go to and select Sign Up Now. If your church provided you with a join code, please use it in sign up. Once you've completed the form, you will be required to verify your email.

STEP 2: Follow the prompts to log in using your new account with the verification code you received via email. Once in, you'll be prompted to identify yourself as a parent/sponsor. If you did not sign up with a join code, you will be prompted to search for and select your church from a dropdown. Make sure to choose the correct church, otherwise you will be registered with the wrong group! In future years, your account will already exist and you can just log in & immediately skip to Step 3.

STEP 3: Add your camper(s)

Click on Campers on the green bar to the left of the screen to open your Campers page. If you've never registered a camper before, the page will be mostly blank. If you've registered campers online before, they will each be listed here.

To register a new camper, click on Register New Camper at top right and then complete the form for that camper. Make sure to complete both tabs of the form, Details & Emergency Contacts. If you're a parent, register each child who will be attending. If you're a sponsor, register yourself as the camper.

STEP 4: Register your campers for a session

Now that your camper(s) are in the system, we can sign them up for a specific session of camp. Please note: any campers registered whose birth date indicates they will be 18+ during camp are automatically registered to the session as a sponsor, not as a student camper.

You'll see each camper in your Campers table with an orange button, Signup for Camp. Click the button, and follow the prompts to:

  • Select campers - if you only have one camper, check the box. If you have multiple campers going to the same session, you can select them all -- then click Start Registration.

  • Confirm Emergency Contacts - or update as needed

  • Complete the medical release for each camper - additional camper medical releases are navigable via tabs at the top of the form with their names on it.

Once you've finished the medical releases for each camper you're registering for the session, click Confirm Medical Info, then enter your digital signature.

Congrats, you're done!


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