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Recreation Info

Updated: Mar 8

Sign-up will occur on the first day of camp until 10:00 p.m. excepting registration for Kickball and Volleyball. Please note that only sponsors may register their teams.

Recreation schedules will be posted on the front door of the MEC beginning the second day of camp. Teams must be ready to play by their game time. If they are not ready, game time is forfeit time. Upon the advice of the Children’s Worker Advisory Council, each team that signs up will play only one game per day. It will not be a competitive tournament. This will allow each cabin to plan their daily activities better eliminating the “unknown” element of tournament timing.

Recreation Types Available

Co-Ed Kickball

All teams will field 10 players. Each team should have an equal number of girls and boys (more girls are ok).

Co-Ed Volleyball

Teams may play with 6-8 players. Competing teams must have the same number of players and each team must have the same number of girls and boys playing at all times. No officials will be provided.

Wild and Crazy Recreation

Participant groups of 10-15 children with an adult leader will be assigned an activity location. These assignments will be made through the Falls Creek office daily. These activities will be directed and led by the Recreation Staff. The games will last approximately 45 minutes to an hour. The purpose of these games is to provide a non-competitive, compliment-giving, compliment-getting, fun-filled group time.


As weather permits, swimming will be available for all campers each afternoon during recreation time.

First Day; 2:00–5:00:  Girls at Entry Pool, Boys at Baptist Lake

Second Day,1:00–5:00: Girls at Baptist Lake, Boys at Entry Pool

Third Day,1:00–5:00: Girls at Entry Pool, Boys at Baptist Lake

  • While going to and from the swimming areas all campers must wear shoes; men must wear a t-shirt, and ladies must wear a long covering over their swimming suits. Knee length garments must be worn by all campers and sponsors to and from the swimming area. Those not following this rule will be asked to return to the cabin for proper attire.

  • Modest swimming suits are appropriate while swimming. A dark t-shirt must be worn over two-piece swimming suits.

  • Men should not wear tight fitting swimming suits.

  • Lifeguards are responsible for safety and discipline. Anyone not observing the rules will be asked to leave the swimming area.

  • There will be no running, shoving, or pushing in the swimming area.

  • Each swimmer is responsible for his/her belongings. Swimmers should go directly to and from the swimming area (and not by way of the concession stands). There should be no need to carry money to the swimming area. All valuables should be left with someone at the cabin.

  • Adult sponsors may swim with the group of their gender.


The Skate Park will be open from 2:00 – 5:00 on the first day of camp and 1:00 – 5:00 on the second and third day. Due to safety concerns, skaters are expected to obey the workers in that area.

Each camper who would like to skateboard should bring their own equipment; equipment must include skateboard, helmet, and kneepads. These will be inspected by the staff at the skate park prior to skating. Skateboards must be checked in and out with the Recreation Staff at the Skate Park. (Make sure you have your name on your skateboard). Some elements will be limited to those that are age-appropriate for our camp.


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